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Galaxy S3 with cracked screen

I’ve recently bought Samsung Galaxy S3, marble white smartphone. I’m one of those Apple’s anti-fans. Everybody in my family already has a Samsung smartphone. I was the last one to get it. I was really happy with it for couple of days and was going to post a full review of it, that’s how happy I was with it. Unfortunately, after couple of days of using it, I noticed a long line between its edge and the screen (click on the picture below and pay attention to the bottom side of the picture, around the middle of the white line, between the edge and the black area)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cracked Screen

The damage is so discrete and it can’t be seen from all the angles. It can be felt with the finger though. It’s parallel to the edge and it looks almost like the design detail. That’s why I didn’t notice it before. A guy in Samsung shop had to have a look at the brand new one to be sure that it doesn’t have the same line. Most probably it was there since I bought it, but haven’t noticed it until now. Since it’s perfectly straight line and parallel to the edge, it might be a manufacturing fault, like scalpel started cutting at wrong place/time. There is also a possibility that it’s some kind of thermal crack, maybe from overheated battery, I’m just guessing. The phone has never been dropped or hit and there are obviously no signs of any other damages whatsoever.

I was really into getting one of Samsung laptops series 9, but little bit hesitating at the moment.

Anyway I’ve brought my S3 to Stephanis shop in Cyprus. Couple of days later, they called me and told me that it was only some paint and they removed it quite easily. I’m pretty much confused now. Lots of people saw it and it didn’t come to anybody’s mind that it would not be a crack. A friend of mine has suggested that they might have replaced the screen but decided not to admit their fault. Whatever, I’m enjoying my S3 again :-)

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