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Touch typing with different keyboard maps

I just discovered something while trying to type some text in Cyrillic (Serbian), with touch typing technique (without looking at the keyboard). I have exclusively used Latin text typing for years, so got quite used to English International keyboard layout. I decided just for fun to try to type some text using Cyrillic letters. I was quite surprised to discover that brain (at least mine) doesn’t map sounds of the letters to the keys on the keyboard, but the shapes of the letter (visual representation). I made lots of mistakes with characters that are in Cyrillic written the same way as some other Latin characters which are pronounced differently. As an example, the sound N (Latin pronunciation) is, in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, written as Н, so I would by reflex, very often, type key Н (on my physical Latin keyboard) instead of key N, because key H on the keyboard visually looks the same as the character I want to type (I don’t look at the keyboard) although it sounds differently. The conclusion I could make is that when we learn touch typing (blinded typing) we actually visually, and not aurally (by hearing), map the keyboard in our brain. Maybe that explains why Greeks often type (in forums, SMS messsages etc.) for their No word, written in Greek as Όχι, when using Latin keyboard, as Oxi and not as it is pronounced: Ohi.
When it was decided how to create Cyrillic keyboard layout, creators tried to keep as much aural match as possible and not visual match. In order to get Serbian Н which is pronounced as Latin N, a key that is located at the same place on the keyboard as Latin N should be pressed, but obviously for some of us, visual map is stronger than the aural one, or at least they coexist.
I do understand that some other people might instinctively assume, opposite of my assumption above, that mapping keyboard in the brain visually makes more sense than aurally at first place, so there’s nothing interesting in my “findings”, but I decided to share it anyway :)

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